wired connection | product familiy of multiway connectors | 2005

teiler (divider) | multi-way connector for the flexible connection of devices | 2005

sammler (collector) | multi-way connector for collecting and storing cables and other things | 2005


lade (case) | board for putting down, charging and storing portable devices | graduation project | 2005

wickler (wrapper) | self-standing 3-way extension lead | 2005


hänger (hanger) | 3-way extension block for new connection options | 2005

Wired Connection is a family of five products that offer solutions and show new approaches to the handling of cables, plugs and appliances. Their function is obvious. They are multiway connectors that make the putting down, loading, storing of portable devices and the collecting and storing of cables and adapters much easier.
They allow a more variable positioning of the extension block and offer new flexible connection possibilities. Each product has a character of its own.
They surprise with well-thought details. Their iconic form and their fresh colorway make them become eye catchers. The cable length and color is depending on the intended use. This work is picking up one of the problems of growing electrification at its roots.

award: if concept award product 2006