Gernot Künzel was born 1978 in Stuttgart, Germany and studied Industrial design at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, Germany, les Ateliers/ENSCI Paris, France, and the University of Arts and Design Helsinki, Finland, and completed his Diploma degree successfully in July 2005 in Stuttgart.

During his studies he worked in cooperation with a wide range of companies such as Opa, Lival, Osram finland, HYY Group, Festo. His professional experience ranges from working in several design studios in the fields of product, interior and strategic design and architecture and ranges to having his own entrepreneurial pratice. He recently has been working at a leading manufacturer where he developed innovative products from idea to market introduction.

He likes an approach that is connected to humans, during work and in design, and shows clarity, cleverness and humor.

Lately he relocated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

download: cv_gernot_kuenzel_0710.pdf